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This video will outline the fundamental methods of making concrete slabs to beginners. The patio is 12 by 16 feet. The deck requires plywood to outline the deck. It is important to know if there’s a slope. If so, the home is on an inch slope, so the water will be able to drain away from the home. Beginning by the rebar. It can help to strengthen concrete wherever it wants to crack. After that, you’ll need to get started with water. Making the concrete mix is going to be your next stage. The location will depend on water sources, the concrete mix may need to be made in the front of your yard. It is also possible to engage a concrete business. You will next need to create a joint of 8 feet in the middle for it to be divided into two sections. It is recommended to remove the trowels once it is dryer. To enhance the aesthetics of your concrete it is recommended to smooth it. Also if you won’t be there after this time for a while to make sure the concrete is moist make use of a concrete compound that will hold moisture. it will reduce the possibility of cracking the concrete. Drying concrete in the sun will make a huge difference. ilffduh6kc.

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