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Crooked teeth may cause discomfort when eating and soreness within the mouth. They can also create embarrassing photos. Over the years orthodontics for adults are becoming more common as adults seek out more options to find braces for adults. This is where we’ve seen an increase in the number of invisalign dentists growing in number, with increasing numbers of users turning to this simple procedure for straightening their teeth. The reason this procedure is so simple is that you can have your teeth measured at any time. This process starts by taking the image of your mouth so that you are able to see precisely what to straighten. Mold kits can be delivered directly to your home for an exact representation of your teeth. After your dentist receives the mold back, they examine the mold to decide on the most effective course of action for your smile and the frequency at which invisalign is required to be changed. One major difference to braces is the requirement to continuously get a new set of invisible aligners to maintain the straightness of your teeth. 2jsnpn7q1a.

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