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Asphalt shingles are commonly used for roofs. Especially on older houses it is expected that asphalt will be the norm. It’s durable, affordable and is easy to install. It is a great choice for all weathers it will stand up to whatever it is snow, extreme heat, or a lot of rain. Asphalt can be laid in many different thicknesses and levels. Sometimes, it is possible to have 15 to 20 years of life from asphalt roofing. Many homeowners opt to have their roofs made of asphalt built. Shingles are another alternative. Shingles are an excellent option because they usually are backed by a lengthy warranty. Because of its heavier weight, it’s labor can be more expensive than asphalt. Cedarwood will be another option. This option is expensive which is why most don’t go for it. This option looks great and will last for a longer time. It’s fascinating learning about various types of roofing materials. For additional information on roofing check out this video. wronndndp1.

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