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For longer cases that can be prolonged for some time the bail bond could be set at the discretion of the judge. In the end, decisions regarding bail procedure and bail issues usually rest with the judge in charge of the case that various attorneys representing both parties in the case. A bail bond is set in order to make sure that the accused will be able to await their hearing at home instead of inside a jail cell, and also prevent their attempts to escape the country or state in order to avoid their sentencing. They are paid bail to release them from jail. This money is also used to guarantee they will appear in court. It’s a typical practice in many cases. For more information about this procedure and the bail bond resources are available and get the answers to your questions regarding bail bonds, including how they work and what are the legal obligations the bail bonding industry, local bail bondsmen can be a valuable resource. Contact your local bail bondsman agent and ask them what they can offer you! a2shzrou2y.

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