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Since the Obama administration implemented the program in 2012, this program has given immigrants who were born in the US and were often unaware of the status of their non-documented relatives, to be employed and to avoid being deported. This was a program designed to enable these immigrants to begin a new journey within the nation that they’ve never seen before.

As of 2018, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals has been in trouble because of the Trump administration contesting this program is constitutional. Officials from the Republican State in September 2018 that they are no new applicants for this program. They also warned that anyone already receiving this protection could end up losing it.

The reality that the potential of DACA is uncertain has shined a light on the thousands of DACA beneficiaries, known as DREAMers. These individuals are able to live and learn without the looming threat of deportation or legal action. Numerous DREAMers spoke out to praise DACA and claim that the program made a major change in their lives. dt9ioeevvy.

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