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It is therefore essential to install a grease trap in order to prevent FOGS entering the city’s sewers and blockage of its.

The owners of commercial food stores are aware of the necessity of cleaning out the grease trap frequently. The need to clean your grease trap each three months, based on the amount of fat or fatty ingredients used during the cooking process.

Get all of the necessary tools ready before you begin the task of cleaning the grease trap. You will need a vacuum cleaner to remove the grease as well as a scraper that will cleanse of the trap. A crowbar and wrench are required for lifting and unbolt the grease trap lid.

Make sure your skin and clothes are protected. To prevent grease from staining garments, you should wear gloves made of premium rubber. Additionally, wear an eye mask to prevent the odor of the rotten food from overwhelming the senses. esjfvwy46l.

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