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Filler for the body can be an obstacle to deal with. This video , which is from a professional auto body repair mechanic will give you tips and tricks to working with body fillers to obtain optimal results. This video is for everyone who enjoys bodywork and/or planning projects.
This video will guide the user through each stage in the body filler application process including mixing the filler and process of hardening it to the correct way, applying the filler and then the sanding step. This video explains the ingredients needed to apply your body filler in a proper manner. The video also covers the correct procedures for applying body filler, and for sanding off areas. Finally, it discusses how you apply the final layer of paint. This step-by-step video will help to avoid the most frequent mistakes individuals make while working with the body filler.
This video will allow you to develop your abilities in repair of auto bodies or to learn new methods. This instructional video shows you how to fill the body with body fluids. We also give you simple guidelines for getting expert results from DIY auto body repairs. 25bji8cczz.

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