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an easy and economical method of turning timber into a durable, safe fuel used for heating and cooking. The smaller logs of firewood could be used to fuel our boilers on site. Larger logs may then be sold to local sellers by truckload.
The lumber is taken from the forest to the drying tunnel by a cordon trailer. When it is dried out, the lumber is kept in storage for a period of one year. Once it has attained levels of moisture of approximately 20%, the timber is transported in the boiler area to be cut to logs and splitting, which are placed in buckets and dried on a ventilated floor. We also use Kiln to dry-kindle.

The wood fuel quality guarantee program has been endorsed by us. It ensures high-quality dry fuels for heating that burn effectively. They are cut in lengths varying from 200 millimeters all the way to 400 millimeters. Once the firewood is ready for sale, it is packed and put in our new ventilated log bags to be delivered to customers. This culminates with our process for processing firewood. q228w1fq6d.

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