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What kind of auto insurance you’ll need is contingent on the needs of your family as well as the requirements of the vehicle you are driving. This video will clarify the different types of auto insurance.

Liability Insurance
This is the type of insurance every car owner should carry. It protects other motorists in the event that you are the cause of an accident. The two elements of liability insurance include protection for physical damage protection. Damage to property covers the expense of repairing or valuing other automobiles or buildings that have been damaged. Damage coverage for bodily injury covers medical expenses involved in the accident.

Collision Insurance:
The insurance policy can help protect your car after an accident even if the other party is the one to blame. The requirement for this insurance comes into play for lease vehicles. Otherwise, it is up the individual’s preference.

Comprehensive Insurance:
This protects your car from damage not caused by incidents like the theft of objects, falling objects or natural catastrophes. The majority of the time, this occurs in conjunction with collision insurance. As the other type of insurance, it’s required if your car is lease. The vehicle isn’t yours in the event that you lease it therefore it’s essential for dealers to make sure that their vehicles are insured.

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