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Make sure to wet the suction cups in order that they can stick correctly. Next, fix it on the spot that’s affected and pull. This can be great on plain areas in your vehicle including the tailgate of your pickup or its hood.

If you’ve got a particularly hard-hitting dent, you can boil water on the stove and place it in the dented location. The heat will cause the plastic or metal to expand and the suction cup will stick better. Always wear your safety equipment when pouring water onto the cup to keep from burning!

The method of hot water is particularly effective on bumpers constructed of plastic. It’s not easy to get a bumper removed from its inside. For you to take your bumper off totally, you’ll need to pull out a few of bolts and nuts. The hot water and suction cup method is a lot less complicated.

This method won’t damage the paint on your vehicle. You could push the mark to the outside However, it’s much more likely that it will happen. If it does, then you’ll need professional painting.

So there you have it the cheapest and easiest solution to clean up dents off your vehicle. See how it’s performed in the video.


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