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a drilling business owner, you may already know what thread protectors are, but how are they taken off a pallet and then be customized for your particular business? AEC has created this video for you to show you how you can use the Automated Thread Protection Applicator System makes different kinds of caps for thread protectors. The depalletizer that is shown at the beginning of the video depallets full or partially loaded pallets of thread protectors onto a platform , before shifting them on to the next phase of the process. This machine can modify the thread protectors in accordance with your specific machine layout. These are then made spin with additional machines.

Take a look at the video and see how thread protector caps work you may be using for the drilling industry. They are worth looking for when looking at great ways to keep your pipes safe when you store them. Find out more information about their video by visiting the channel. There is a lot of details about thread protectors as well as how they’re made and used via their channel. It can prove to be an important tool when beginning your drill business.


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