Band Doctors

hese cars are commonly used for promotional purposes and are most seen as part of car racing. However, there are many instances where people have purchased customized car wraps purely for personal aesthetic. The ability to design and wrap your vehicle in a variety of ways. Let’s take a look at 10 examples. This video showcases a variety of some of the best vehicle wraps ever!

The images of this film really speak for themselves with every shade of the spectrum, and accompanied by stunning images. Every one of the Dodge Vipers from Guess Brand required 120 hours of meticulous design work, creating many intricate lines and patterns that could keep you gazing at the screen for long periods of time. It’s truly amazing when you see how the Bugatti Veyron wrap. The wrap makes the car look luxurious and gives it the illusion of a glowing glow. The McLaren P1 multi-colored chrome map can blow any viewer’s expectations. Although the style does not adhere to body lines and was made in the rush to production the grey and yellow highlights make it a memorable design.


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