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If you are in violation of the law, or encounter a court case, you can be certain there’s a lawyer ready who can assist you. Lawyers matter, but how did lawyers arrive at this point? In this article, we will look at the background of law as well as the profession of lawyers.

One of the early forms of law was Hammurabi’s codice of laws. One of the difficulties this law created was the capacity to recall them all. The majority of people struggled to keep them on top of their head. They were enacted with the aim to ensure equality for all, but there was still the need for order. That made them unfair.

In the ancient Greece it was the first form of democratic society. There were various types of law in this society.

The 12th century was when King John introduced a myriad of new rules for his people. King John had to contend with the prospect of an rebellion, which prompted him to make laws that would assist him in keeping his people in their place.

Over the course of time, many societies adhered to a certain set of laws. These laws ultimately made it important for people to pursue a career in the field of law. This led to lawyers.


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