Band Doctors

Before. Did you know that orthopedic specialists aren’t limited to broken bones only? Continue reading to find out the duties of an orthopaedic surgeon.

Let’s begin by defining the definition of what an orthopedic specialist is. The doctor that treats issues in the bones, muscles, tendons and joints of orthopedic specialists will take charge of your requirements starting from the base of your body all the way to your toes.

Because orthopedics can be a broad field there are many orthopedic doctors who specialize in one particular area of medicine. One orthopedic specialist might specialize on the treatment of injured muscles, while another might be expert in complex arm injuries. The doctor may also decide to take on additional schooling and get certified as orthopedic surgeons.

Since so many doctors specialize on different fields, it is difficult to decide which one you need. Anyone who’s unfamiliar with your field that is specialized can help identify if you should ask for recommendations to someone else.

To learn more about what an orthopaedic specialist does and the tasks of an orthopedic surgeon take a look at the video on the right!


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