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coming. The safest way to escape is when you hear the sirens of a severe storm. But, the crew in this video decided to stay making videos. The filming may have provided us with an interesting video, it is too dangerous to warrant the risk. The video shows a tornado up close.

The video starts off with the sound of sirens. The video shows a lot of people out viewing and recording the sky. If you pay attention it is possible to see a funnel cloud forming. The funnel cloud quickly caught the attention of the spectators who moved into the. The tornado was visible to them. They could observe. Often. Storms are typically wrapped in rain, in order to obscure they exist in any way.

The tornado is moving toward their neighbour’s home from inside the property. They make use of their mobile to call for help. They then view the footage of the neighbor’s security camera. It is clear that the storm completely rips their roof, and trees bend to the side of the house. After this disaster is over, they’ll need to employ roofers. The hail can be seen to drop from the sky near the end of this clip.


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