Band Doctors

To achieve satisfactory results, you need a team comprised of skilled professionals. The word of mouth recommendations came from acquaintances who wanted their home completed and floor painted the painting business for homes was awarded the $3500 job. The customer requested an estimate before hiring the company to paint their home. He uploaded a YouTube clip, “Foreverself Employed,” where he claimed, “I MADE $3500 in one week of painting this house (Timelapse)” and detailed the project he worked on along with his group.

From beginning to completion, the work was completed in 5.5 days. Spray paint was applied to the house. The paper masking gun as well as an extension to the spray gun were employed by the team. The airless sprayer was used as well.

The group also completed the flooring for the house they were painting. Flooring is labor-intensive and requires you to have certain tools to do the job. The project took two days to finish.

The entire home is covered in much of any project for housing because by spraying it is possible to paint longer in a shorter amount of time.


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