Band Doctors

It’s an open design and does not have doors. The absence of doors allows ease of movement between the front office along with the adjacent hallway and the kitchen. Kitchens are not utilized for food preparation. Instead, children are fed within the space. The room can also serve as storage or as an employee breakroom.

The centre-based childcare facility is home to 44 licensed children. It has a capacity of 36 children. The facility is equipped with four classrooms that include an infant room, a toddler’s room, a preschool room, and a school-age room. The center offers care for infants and toddlers aged six weeks to 12 years old. These classrooms are assigned based upon the age of the children.

There is a parking space in the centre-based childcare center where outdoor events to be organized and enhances its accessibility to visitors from outside. There is also a long entranceway that allows children to be collected from parents. The nursery is organized.


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