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their money. The contractors who use air conditioners keep businesses and home cool through the summer. In this video, we will discuss the fundamental functions of an AC to give you the best comfort.

While air conditioners can differ by model according to the model but the fundamental principles remain identical. For example, every central air conditioning system has the condensing component that is situated just outside the home. Condensing units contain condenser coils and compressors and condenser fan motor.

The inside houses the coils for evaporation, situated on top of the air handler or furnace. A furnace or air handler draws in air from a return vent. Once the air is cooled, the fan blows it through coils and returns to the house. In order to continue the cycle, the air is dragged into the vents for return.

The thermostat will instruct that the condenser not to turn off once the air is cool. In the event that the temperature goes up and the thermostat is notified, it tells the condenser to turn back on to allow it to cool down. Go to the video above to learn more.


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