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Don’t be concerned because it’s very easy. You ask the web designer to design a web page. The website’s data would be kept in the machine of the web designer, and not the internet. Next, you must upload your website onto any server that is connected to the internet. After that it will be possible to have your own website which people will be able to see. Web hosting is the term you will call it.

There are three kinds of hosting for your internet that you could choose from. There are three types of web hosting: shared, dedicated and VPS. A form of web hosting which allows several websites to use the same server is known as”shared” web hosting. Every site is given its own domain name but each use the identical server. There is the possibility of hosting multiple websites on the same server by upgrading the server to a more advanced stage.

The other way around is that dedicated web hosting is comparable to shared hosting, except that each site has its physical server. It means you will not use the same resources as other sites. Virtual private servers also called VPS or web hosting, permit the hosting of multiple sites from one server.

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