Band Doctors

Its design is reminiscent of the mythological , ancient Greek creature, a labyrinth. It was believed to be filled with monsters. The labyrinth seal normally placed around shafts that rotate to prevent leakage. It is composed of multiple layer of flexible materials that are sandwiched between them. Due to its greater durability than seals of other types, this seal has become a popular alternative. The labyrinth seal functions by creating an enclosed area which prevents leakage of fluid through cracks.

Labyrinth seals are made up of many small channels that are arranged in a complex design. It is possible to make the channels using a range of different materials like rubber, plastic ceramic, metal and glass. A thin layer of lubricant is created when liquid is pushed across surfaces. If there’s no space between stationary and moving parts, then the layer of lubricant does not develop. But, the lubricating layer will form if there is an opening. The lubricating layer will form an extremely thin layer over the entire gap. The liquid flow is fluid if the lubricating layer remains in place. If the coating of lubrication is not removed, the liquid flow could become chaotic and fluid.


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