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When you turn down the thermostat, 10 degrees the thermostat is set to 10 degrees when you’re not at home. This can help you save up by 10% on energy bill. Every little bit counts.
Install Storm Doors

One solution to how you can make your home more energy efficient during winter is to put storm doors for each entry door. Storm doors prevent the frigid air from getting into your house. They can also provide an insulation layer on your entry doors and help in making your house more energy efficient.

Storm doors can be attached on your entry points in order to help create a barrier between your home, the cold outside air and your house. Storm doors not only save you energy, but will also boost the value of your house.

Take Action to Address this Issue and Increase Energy Efficiency

Heating units are costly to operate. If you’re using an older water heater for example, it is most likely that the electricity cost will increase. New water heaters are built using energy efficient components in mind. It could be the solution you need if would like to lower your energy consumption all year, even during the winter months.

A plumber from your local area will help you select the water heater with the most energy-efficient operation. There are many options available, including highly efficient tankless options. While you aren’t going to stop making use of hot water during the summer months, it’s a smart idea to replace your heater if it’s been 15 years old or more. It will improve your energy efficiency this winter and for the remainder of the year as well.

If changing your heater isn’t on the table You can help the heater work better by insulation. Insulation can reduce energy loss tremendously, especially if your heater is in the middle of the ga


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