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to those who reside in those who live in rural areas.
What Does it Mean to Broaden the Broadband?

Broadband expansion is the process of expanding broadband internet speeds, specifically to people living in rural areas. Broadband expansion is a responsibility for all three stakeholders: the government, non-profits as well as private companies. Funding programs and grants can assist in developing infrastructure. Additionally, relationships between diverse organizations can assist in coordination efforts and also share resources.

To increase broadband connectivity the various options which can be used, including, but not limited to, the creation of new infrastructure such as fiber-optic cables, or using wireless technology to reach difficult-to-connect zones.

Expansion of Broadband: The benefits

Implementing a broadband expansion initiative could have a variety of positive outcomes for the lives of many. Anyone can get access to an internet connection to study online, obtain jobs, or even begin companies. It also helps to bridge the digital divide , by offering access to equal opportunities for rural communities that were previously in a lesser advantage due to the lack of internet access.


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