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What are the different types of physical therapy j People who suffer from such accidents develop neurological conditions such as stroke, brain injuries, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease to mention a few. Individuals who’ve suffered these traumas may be suffering from a decline in their function as well as dependence on their caregivers, if they do not undergo neurological physical therapy. Reduced-intensity of activities also leads to other health problems like lung problems as well as heart and diabetes issues and diminished quality of life. Neurological physical therapists perform thorough assessments of individual’s independent and functional body parts and propose therapies that help them recover function that was lost. The therapy entails: Gait training. Core stabilization. Improved motor coordination and control core stabilization Improving functional movement and strength Restoration of range of motion Postural Re-alignment Training Required You need to hold an Doctor of Physical Therapy degree as well as relevant certification in neural science in order to qualify as an expert in neurological physical therapy. A few states require licensing for therapists. 7. Oncology Therapist Despite the advancements in treatments for cancer that aim to extend the lives of patients some suffer from diminished health and quality of life both before as well as after the treatment. Patients experience the difficulties that can arise during the course of treatment. Physical therapists are crucial in this regard. Cancer is emotionally draining so it’s crucial to have a cancer care team who can support you through all the stages. To help survivors recover from their traumas, physical therapists are needed as well. The therapists work with the patient to deliver therapies that allow them to regain their functioning, as well as offer relaxing techniques, and help them. It is necessary to complete a degree in this profession are to have an education in oncology, as well as an actual experience working in the sector. An authorization is also mandatory in certain states. 8. Physical Therapist – – Vestibular Rehabilitation

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