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You can get tests to verify if you have been infected recently or if you have recently been infected by COVID-19. Tests for diagnostic COVID 19 tests check for possibility of infection through using a nasal swab. Swabs must be extremely deep inside your nasal cavity. Additionally, there are tests that will swab the throat or collect an oral sample. However, these tests aren’t as reliable like a nasal swab.

Tests at home can serve as a way to detect antibodies and RNA. These tests can reveal whether the disease is present. These tests are easy, however they don’t provide as much accuracy like other types of tests for diagnosing. Chances of false positives is high.

Testing for previous infections is called antibody tests or serology tests. All that’s needed is a blood sample, typically taken from the fingertip. Antibodies are present in the bloodstream for until months after infection. Therefore, you cannot find out exactly the time you were affected. These tests do not indicate if you are infected currently, just if it is the case that there was a virus inside your body over the past few years. qizcn67blw.

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