Band Doctors

An admissions committee meet to decide whether to accept students. First, the committee divides nearly 8,000 potential applicants into 30 geographic regions. College admission software helps with that part of the process. Information is read by two persons, then the people on the committee are able to vote at the end of the process. Members use an old-fashioned method of voting using raised hands in each case for the candidate.

In deciding which candidates they’ll accept they consider a variety of variables. While the grades are an important factor, the committee also looks at extracurricular activities and sports. They also look into whether students are musically gifted, have specific interests, or awards and awards. Overall, the admissions team admits around 1,000 applicants from the pool of 8,000 applicants.

The dean of the school believes that the system is not working but it is steadily getting better. Additionally, he believes the method is frustrating as the institution is unable to take every prospective student. While many applicants are entitled to the chance to pursue higher education, only top-performing candidates get the final approval.

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